S'UP you can call me Kiri (They/Them)

I made this tumblr as a place I could post my drawings, BUT THANKS TO GOOD OL TUMBLR BLACK MAGIC THIS IS JUST A GIANT REBLOG OUTLET where I admire art most of the time.

I am a big fan of all kinds of cartoons and video games, and right now I like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure a lot.
A lot a lot.

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Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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Here’s a little list of some great webcomics I’ve stumbled across. (Arranged in no particular order) (For comics following a single, linear plot, I will set the link to the first page)


Three Panel Soul

Darths & Droids

reMIND (Basically a print graphic novel, but on the internet! Also a bit of a WIP)

johnny wander


The Meek (Warning: slight, artistic female nudity. Could be considered nsfw. Also currently on somewhat of a hiatus.)


Unsounded (Warning: Some gore)

Derelict (Warning: Some gore and some nudity)


Dresden Codak

Bearmageddon (Warning: Quite a lot of gore from time to time. You know, bear stuff)


Monster Pulse


Ghosts of Tiny Animals


Daddy Long Legs


Awkward Zombie


String Theory

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

Oglaf.com (WARNING!: A collection of very NSFW and not so NSFW stories (which are nicely marked as ‘safe’). Anyway, great humor and good art, so go check it out. … Just not at work or around kids.)

Boxer Hockey 

Romantically Apocalyptic (There is an ongoing plot… Somewhere)

Sequential Art

Incidental Comics

GUNSHOW (Warning: There’s tons of stuff in here which has definitive potential to upset)


And now for some webcomics which everyone has most likely heard of/read/skimmed. 

Penny Arcade


HOMESTUCK (It’s a great comic, really. And an entirely different and interesting format. However, if you plan on starting from the very beginning and catching everything… Well, get ready to invest a lot of time)


And now some dead/inactive comics which are still worth checking out

Gone with the Blastwave

KUKUBURI (Not unlikely to update at some point in time, maybe this year)

hannah is not a boy’s name